February Landscaping Services: Mulch, Weed Control, and More!

Hate Weeds? It's Time for Pre-Emergent!

Now is the season for treating your yard with pre-emergent to prevent unwanted weed growth this coming spring! It is better to prevent weed growth than spend all spring and summer trying remove them from your lawn.  Decatur Lawn Care's pre-emergent weed treatment and lawn fertilization can give you a full yard of lush green grass with no unwelcome visitors!

New Mulch and Pine Straw!

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to freshen up your yard with new pine straw or mulch.  Decatur Lawn Care can deliver and install quality pine straw and mulches to your home.

Decatur Lawn Care still have firewood for sale!

Keep yourself warm through this cold season.

Half loads are available for delivery starting at $55
Full loads are available for delivery starting at $100

Save 10% On Plants!

Through the end of February, Decatur Lawn Care company are offer 10% off plant purchases.  If you are looking to get some landscaping work done, now is the time to book that service!

Locally Owned Landscape Company

Decatur Lawn Care is owned and operated by Decatur resident, Porter Deal.  If you have any questions or projects you'd like our help with, contact Porter by email or phone at DecaturLawnCare.com or 770-322-4230

Pictured: Porter Deal, Proprietor of Decatur Lawn Care