Best Spring Lawn Care Steps for Your Yard

Best Spring Lawn Care Tips from Decatur Lawn Care

Spring has officially sprung! That means it is time for you to begin thinking about your yard maintenance plan.  Not sure what that should look like?  Here are a few tips from Decatur Lawn Care to get you started.

Step 1 -- Spring your yard!

We all know about the spring cleaning indoors that elevates your rooms to their cleanest, most polished and beautiful state that you love.  But don't forget about the outside of your home!

Plants will begin quickly growing and blooming soon. Decatur Lawn Care can tackle your outdoor yard spring clean up to bring it all together: a beautifully landscaped yard that is ready for all your favorite outdoor activities.

Remove unwanted vines and brush before they grow out of control. Prune trees and bushes for healthy growth and ideal shape. Prepare flower bed areas for a healthy blooming season, or plant new flowers and shrubbery!

Decatur Lawn Care installing plants to finish off spring yard clean up for local home
Decatur Lawn Care installing plants to finish off spring yard clean up for local home

Step 2 -- We love spring flowers!

Speaking of flower beds, we love all the beautiful flowers that bloom in the spring time.  A few well chosen flowering plants added to your yard can enhance it perfectly with the color and character you love for your home.

We have a variety of flowering plants available, including begonias, lantanas, and impatiens, to elevate your flower beds or to start brand new ones.  Ask us for your favorite, or let our team design planting custom fit to your yard!

Flower bed design by Decatur Lawn Care
Flower bed design by Decatur Lawn Care

Step 3 -- Does your lawn need aeration?

Not all grass is the same.  Some grasses need special attention in the fall, but other types, such as Bermuda, Zoysia, and Centipede grass will be taking off right now, in the warm weather.  For maximum health and growth, it is best to get your yard aerated to help nourish these warm season grasses when they need it the most.

Decatur Lawn Care is currently booking warm season aeration appointments for new and existing customers.

Lawn care maintenance plan by Decatur Lawn Care
Lawn care maintenance plan by Decatur Lawn Care

Step 4 --  Keep it up: Lawn maintenance essentials!

To top it all off, your healthy and growing turf will need regular cutting and edging to stay in tip top shape and give your lawn that crisp, finished look. Does that maintenance schedule look like mowing once a week? Twice a week? Every 10 days?

Whatever you need, we've got you covered!  If you aren't sure how often to get your lawn mowed, ask us, and we can find the perfect plan for you!

Exceptional Residential Landscape Maintenance

Porter Deal is a Decatur resident and the proprietor of Decatur Lawn Care, a locally owned and operated, full service landscape maintenance company.

Porter Deal | Proprietor of Decatur Lawn CareWith 20 years of experience, Porter and his team offer a variety of landscape maintenance service options to meet all your year round lawn care needs. This includes but is not limited to Lawn Mowing, Spring Clean Up Projects, and Pine Straw & Mulch Delivery & Installation.

Decatur Lawn Care proudly services to homes in the following areas:

Decatur, GA; Avondale Estates, GA; Toco Hills, GA; Oakhurst, GA; Druid Hills, GA; Lake Claire, GA; Agnes Scott, GA; Emory, GA.

Send us a message or call Porter Deal at 770-322-4230 to learn more or to book an appointment!

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